Blast Master

You and your troop have been deployed to Iraq, where there is a war going on. Needless to say, you are in a tough situation as you need to make sure that your troop make it home. You are in charge of their lives and one wrong decision could be your final one. Fortunately, your truck is heavily armed and you will be needing that because the enemies are almost limitless. They will come in all direction so you need your troop on this mission. Your troop must coordinate and act as one or your mission will be a failure.

Drive your truck back and fourth non-stop because this game is non-stop. You won't be stopping even if you get to another level. Just keep on pressing because the enemies will not stop coming at you. You have three weapons such as machine gun, cannon, and missile. Machine guns are limitless while the other two are limited. Fire at the enemies before they can even shoot so that you won't have a problem. Your life is limited so you need to conserve it. There won't be anything that can heal your life here.

Are you ready for a non-stop shooting and war action?