BMW Car Racing

A BMW car is one of the most expensive cars that you can buy and is certainly not for the rough sport since it is very delicate, but when you are at the road, you never know what would happen to you and you can't just change your car, so you have no choice, but to use the one that you got. Well, something like that is bound to happen in this life and as such, you need to be at your best whatever car you are using. You just need to drive, it at its very top speed. There won't be a chance to change cars. Somehow, that is something that is what happening at a night derby.

In this game, you can't use any other car, so you need to use the BMW and drive it as fast as you can till you win it. There is no choice, but to win the first position since you can't advance to the next level if you got second or lower than that. The condition might be fair at the first level, but it would be harsh as you make some progress. But, you can't expect anything good if you are going on a racetrack since most of the drivers are always prepared.