Body Dumper

A body was found on the mountain. There was no one searching for it and no police was investigating. The owner of the lot don't want to bother with it, so it was decided to throw the body on the cliff, where some people might see it. You are the driver of a huge truck and you are ordered to dump it on the cliff. You have no choice, since your boss threatened to fire you if you won't obey him. You felt sorry for the body, but you need to do it anyway as you can't lose your job because your family needs it.

Pick up the body and load it at the back of your truck. Drive your truck as fast as possible till you reach the cliff, but make sure you observe the necessary precautions so there will be no accidents. You can't also afford to lose the body or you fail the game. Besides, your truck might crash if you don't observe some safety precautions. Reduce your speed as you approach the cliff, so you won't fall in it. Throw the body on the cliff and you advance to the next level. Expect that the mountains in the next level will be much perilous than before.