Bomb Detonator Truck

A group of terrorist had been illegally testing some bombs in a remote area. You are part of a special action force, whose job is to diffuse bombs. your superior found out the illegal activity in the area, but before they can even react, the terrorist had already left the area. However, the threat with the bomb remains as it is still active and can explode anytime. Fortunately, there won't be a gun fight anymore as the group left the area for good. You need to get the bombs before they even explode. The nearby residents are relying on you, so they will be safe and sound at the comfy of their homes.

Drive your truck around the area and look for the bombs located there. There would be some power-ups that you can use in the area. Grab some as it will surely help you. Don't worry about the location of the bomb as there will be an arrow that will guide you. There will be no stopping soon as the game is continuous. Your time is limited, so make sure that you can grab the bombs as soon as possible. Don't waste your time doing some sight seeing.