Bulldozer Brothers

It is so rare that two brothers work hand in hand together. You can’t choose your job sine everyone wants a job and if you are choosy, it is almost impossible to get a job. What you need to do is to assessed your strength first and find something that you are good at. If you can do something that no one does then it would be better for you since that means that you have a specialization, which is not normal. A specialization is something special to you, which means that no one else can do it. If you can drive a bulldozer then that is your specialization.

Luckily, your brother knows how to drive a bulldozer like you and since you are part of the company, you know when the company is hiring and luckily, your company is looking for another bulldozer, so you recommended your bother. He got accepted right away since you have a good reputation. The company knows that they can trust you, so they are taking a risk with your brother. Normally, this won’t be permitted, but since you are working for the company for lots of years, the company is considering that. Now, you and your bother works in the same construction company.

In this game, you need to work hand in hand with the other guy. Each one of you would be operating a different bulldozer. You need to know when to use the other one as both are important for the mission. Your mission is to clear the way. There is a timer and you can only operate when the timer is running. You make points from clearing the boulder on the way. You can use the points to upgrade your bulldozers. The game gets harder and more challenging as you make some progress.