Bunny Invasion 2

You are having a chit chat with your old friend, when opened the TV and learned that the psychotic bunnies are back once again. You realize that you are not safe, so bring out Old faithful and started shooting at the incoming bunny. You were good at shooting, so you are able to stop their invasion. You got them good, but one of the guy at the pub told you that you would need more than your gun if you want to stop the bunnies. Stronger bunnies would soon come over and you would need better guns for that. The bartender also told you that he have some guys that could help if the price is right.

Shoot down the bunnies, that would be the idea of the game. Each kill would earn you money. You can use the money after every level. You can buy some new weapons, upgrade the weapons and ammo with it. You can also hire some people to help you at the pub. You would need all the help you can get if you want to keep the pub safe from those bunnies. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress.