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Busman Parking 3D

Whenever you are commuting, you can always rely on some paid vehicles on the road to get you to where you are going. There are many vehicles to choose from and one of them is the bus. Among all the other paid vehicles, the bus is the biggest and therefore can carry lots of passengers to their destination. You don't need to pay much as the fee is just minimal. You just pay to the conductor and they would give you a ticket as a proof that you already paid before. Just sit back and you would arrive at your destination, but try not to sleep or you would miss the way to your destination.

In this game, you need to park the bus. Just follow the arrows and you wouldn't go wrong. This game has a timer, so better park your bus as fast as you can or you would fail the game. Try not to hit anything along the way as that would damage the bus. You would drive the vehicle in a 3D setting, so this isn't like most of the other parking games that you have played before. Do your best and park the bus according to the instructions and you would go to the next challenge.