Car Carrier Trailer 2

On the road, you don't know when an accident will happen. Accident can occur anytime and it doesn't whether you are a professional driver or not. Accidents do happen even to the most careful driver in the world. But, you can limit the chance of an accident occurrence if you would practice safety driving. When your car needs repair, you would need money to pay for the repair man. Usually, you need to go to their shop and have it repair by the car mechanic. However, in first world countries, you don't need to go to their shop since they have a car trailer, which would bring in the vehicles to them.

This game is about parking the vehicles. The vehicles that you need to drive and park differs as you need to drive them all to the intended location. You would need to start with driving the car carrier trailer itself. Afterwards, you would be driving the vehicles that need some repair. This truck games has a timer, so you would need to hurry up and park the vehicles to its destination point. You would need to park the car carrier trailer then drive the vehicles that need repair to the bank and withdraw some money. After that, you need to drive it to the car carrier trailer.