Car Carrier Trailer 3

There are thousand cars in the city and the numbers kept on growing. No matter how big the roads at the city, you can't expect it to hold all the cars on the city. This result to traffic jams and this shouldn't be tolerated. That is why; a lot of preventive undertakings are implemented and you can't expect that people would love it. However, when a car get stalled on the driveway. The local traffic authority has only one option and that is to tow it away. And that is why; towing company began in the first place. They are called every time a car gets stalled on the driveway. The car owner can only get the car back if they pay the fee. For this reason, it is always a good idea to have the car checked before driving it.

In this game, you not only get to drive the truck, but also the car that needs fixing. Drive the truck to the parking area. Drive the car to the bank to withdraw money. Unlike, in the first few rendition, you would only need to pay once in this game. You just need to maneuver the rest of the cars at the back of the car carrier.