Car Carrier Trailer 4

Every guy knows that you won't get paid if you are not going to work for someone or do something for someone. Well, that is how we make a living in this world. That is the reality of life and nothing can bend that. As a car carrier driver, you need to transport a car to the showroom, where it will be displayed and possibly sold. Though, that is not a guaranteed sale, you would earn because you have done your part. Selling the car is none of your business.

No, that you understand that then it is time to be a car carrier driver. Well, at least in the game world. In this game, you play as the truck driver and the car driver. You would need to park the truck to the parking space. After that, you need to maneuver the car to the bank, where you can withdraw the money. After doing that, you would need to maneuver your car near the truck. Make sure that you won't hit anything. You car crashes if it takes too much damage. Game play will be harder as you make some progress. Also, the game will be much exciting as you unlock more levels.