Car Despoiler

When you are doing something, you need to give it all your best or you would just lose. This goes to a race too as you need to give your best, but sometimes, it doesn't translate to a win since all the other competitors are doing the same. You need to have the skills needed for you win and be on top of everyone else. Being fast is not a sure way to win a race as it is more about the control. That is why; cars don't win the race as the drivers are the one that are winning the race. In short, you don't have to have the fastest car as it is more on the skill of the driver. But, there are times when a fast car would really matter, especially if the other racers are good at their craft.

Drive and try to win the race. You need to be at your best speed to do that. Anyway, you need to eliminate the other cars to win the race, which means that you need to be able to catch up to them. If you can't do that, then you just fail the game. The game is harder than you think.