Car Thieves Mania

You are a car thief and you need to fill in some order from your clients. You need to get the best cars that you can find to be able to satisfy your client. You got some connections and they tell you where to get some of the best cars on the road. There would be danger since this is an illegal business and you do want to get out of the highway as fast as you can since you are doing something wrong. Anyway, it is not your concern since all you want is to cash in. The idea of this game is to find the car that you would want to stole and drive it out to the safe zone. Before you can do that, you need to maneuver your car next to the one that you are going to steal. Once, that you got there, you would need to open it and drive it out of the highway. You have a limited time, so you need to hurry it up or you would fail the game. Try not to damage the car as much as possible. The game would be harder as you make some progress.