Car Yard 2

You are contented with your life. One day, while you are quietly resting in your house, you heard a loud knock at the door. When you opened it up, you saw that it was a police. Apparently, this guy want to arrest you for something you never committed. Of course, you don't want to go since you know that you aren't guilty of anything. That is the whole story and they have been trying to catch you ever since. You know you have rights, so you are not going to let them catch you as you don't trust them. Especially, that they are accusing you of something you never did. The game is played with a mouse and you need to make decision fast since that is what the game needs. A quick way to react. Anyway, there would be a couple of choices for most of the actions that you are going to do. If you choose the wrong action then that is the end of the game. You would need to start from the very beginning. For you to move far in the game, you need to make lots of right decision. It you make a wrong decision then you need to start at the very beginning.