Car Yard

In life, we need to act quickly or we would be left out by others and that won't benefit us. We also need to fight for what we believe in because no one else would do that for us. Everyone else is busy with their lives and you can't expect that they would run your life for you. If they can run your life for you then they would use it to benefit them. For sure, you won't like it when someone run it for you as you are going to be abuse all the time and you would lose your personality.

This game is about all that as you need to make quick decision and not let anyone take advantage of you. The game can only be played via mouse and you need to make some quick time decision or you might be too late. Picking the wrong decision would send your car to the car yard, which means the end of the game. Fortunately, this is just a game and you can return to that last phase to correct your mistake. You just need to click on the arrow and the car moves according to your liking.