Cargo Car Parking Game

In a large company, delivery of the supplies doesn't mean that the work is over since it would need to be transported near the place where it would be put a good use. The truck can't navigate through that place since it would be too narrow for a truck, but it would be just right for a forklift. However, navigating it through the location is another story. That is why, not everyone is allowed to drive the forklift inside the company. The driver need to make sure that he won't hit a single thing while driving the forklift inside the manufacturing firm.

Driving the forklift isn't for everyone since there would be danger while driving the vehicle inside of the company compound. The owner could not risk any disaster within his company premises, that is why, he need someone that could drive the forklift without a sweat. It means that the guy driving it must have experience in using that. He could also train someone to drive it for his company, but it would be easier to get someone with experience since he could save money from training someone. It is not a game that could just be reset when things goes wrong. The owner would have lose some money if something goes wrong.

Thankfully, this is just a game and in here, you can do all the mistake that could be done by a rookie without having to pay for it. The idea of this game is to transport the cargo or cargoes to another location. You would need the forklift to do that. First thing that you need to do is to get to the cargoes and lift the cargoes. After that you need all the way to the new location. The game gets more difficult as you make some progress.