Cargo Garbage Truck

The city produce the most garbage in a country. What is even more devastating is that most of its garbage as dangerous to human's health. Over exposure would be bad for us since they are highly toxic, yet we need them in our everyday life. However, when it reaches its maximum usage, we need to dispose of them since they would be bad for health. The amount of garbage produce in the city is almost immeasurable compared to that of a countryside. In the countryside, almost everything is recycled and re-purposed into something useful. People in the city don't have that ingenuity since they are too busy with their everyday life.

Fortunately, they have a regular collection of garbage which is almost daily. If not for that, then the whole place will be a big pile of garbage. There would be garbage everywhere you go and you won’t be able to enjoy going to your favorite hangout because it is too smelly. When the garbage truck arrives, you can bet on it that every garbage would go out on the street since the garbage man would pick it up since that is there job. They don’t care what it is, but they do want everything to be segregated since it makes their job easier.

In this game, you are the truck driver and you need to drive all the way through the finish line. There is no need to pick some trash since this game isn’t concentrated on doing that. The idea here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. However, there are mount of rocks on the driveway and you need to make sure that you won’t lose the cargoes. Well, at least, you would be able to have enough cargoes at the end of the finished line.