Cargo Master 2

At the dock, the most important thing is the cargo. It is the means to run a business. Well, at least, the operation solely relies on the cargoes to keep on since the cargo masters get paid every time they successfully delivered a cargo to its destination. In short, you make money according to the effort that you put on the job. More exactly, the money is determined by the amount of cargo that you delivered to its destination. That is why; the cargo is the heart of the business in the dock area.

The game is about loading the cargoes and delivering it to its destination safe and sound. As the ship arrives, you will be prompt to pick up the cargo. After that, you need to properly placed it into the truck. Make sure that you can fit all the cargoes to the truck. Drive the truck as fast as possible without compromising your safety or letting the cargoes fall off at the back of the truck. Should any of the cargo fall out of the truck, just press on with the delivery as you can't do anything about it anyway.

Are you ready to deliver those cargoes to its destination?