Cargo Retriever

Once in a while, we commit mistakes and we can tolerate that. However, if it becomes habitual then don't think that others might forgive you for it. A truck driver, who is always on the road gets tired and when that happens, he might get aware of his surroundings. That is why; it is advisable to get some rest between delivery. Anyway, once you lose a cargo, you still need to continue with the task at hand. It won't be your responsibility anymore, but that would be deducted on your salary. The company would send another truck to pick it up, but most of the time, the cargo is already lost as other people might pick it up already.

In this game, you won't be delivering a cargo to its destination. You be the truck driver that would be picking up the lost cargo in an area. The game has a time limit and you need to get all the cargo before time expires. You need to drive carefully since you don't want to damage your truck. Like in a real world, there are other vehicles in the area and you don't want to get close to them for obvious reasons.