Cargo Truck Express

Finding a job nowadays is hard and if you found a job then you should stick to it as long as you can. There is no assurance that you would immediately get a job after you lose the other. For example, you been accepted as a truck driver, you need to prove that you are a valuable part of the company and try not to lose your job. If they would not increase your position then you would still get some increment in your salary because you stayed with the company for a long time. That would also make a good impression on your next job since that it a good sign that you are interested in your job and that would make a sign that you are a good employee, which many employers would want to have.

In this game, you need to deliver the cargoes as fast as you can. Of course, you would want not to let any of the cargoes get lost as you deliver them to the destination. Each destination would have a different cargo, which you picked up from the last destination point. You need to get to the destination point as fast as you can, without losing most of your cargoes.