Carrier Truck Game

Parking a car is never easy since there is the problem of finding an open space in the area where you are in. That would be a problem, especially if you are in a crowded area. You might think that it would be best to live with several people, but when it comes to parking area, you would have trouble since it is too crowded. It is not that easy to drive a vehicle in a crowded area. If you think that it would be hard then think if you were to drive a truck in a crowded place. Pretty sure, that would make lots of problem for you.

You are a truck driver for a company and now, you need to park your truck near the area. It won't be that easy since a truck is so bulky. If you have driven cars before and think that you are getting good at it, you can't compare that to driving a truck since those two are not alike. Trucks are massive and they take a huge area to park. On the road, it is not easy to find such a place since there are lots of vehicles around. You don't own the road and you need to share it with others.

In this game, you need to park your truck as fast as you can. There is a timer here and you would benefit form it if you are able to park your truck fast. The less time you consume, the more points for you. Beware though, since the area is narrow and you might have an accident along the way. When your life bar drops to zero then the game is over. The game would not get easy as you move from one level to another. Instead, it would be lot challenging.