Cars Toon McPorter

If you are truly a Disney fan then you should know about the car movie, entitled CARS. Well, like the title suggest it is about cars. In the movie, the car have their own life, but they only interact with one another if there are no one around them. It is a sort of secret lives of cars. Like human, cars have different personality, so you can expect that there are the good guys and some are bad guys. The main plot of the story is that an average car want to join the race and become the Grand Prix champion when he joined.

This game is about a car that is carrying a trailer. The trailer can be loaded with different parts, which you need to deliver to the warehouse for safe storage. Load the parts in the trailer then carefully drive the car with the trailer. Make sure that no part will fell out. If it can't be done then just continue with the delivery and press on. Try to balance your vehicle at all times to make sure that there are no parts that would fell out. There are no timer in the game, so you don't have to rush here.