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Catch the Killer

A murder was committed and a op, it is up to you to catch the killer. You need to go the scene of the crime to investigate. Check the body and ask some of the suspects. This would not be easy as these suspects would never give themselves away. They would do whatever they need to escape from the crime they committed. They might even fight back to get away from killing someone. You need to act fast before they can run away and get out of the country. In which case, you are not going to catch them anymore.

In this game, you need to catch the killer, but first you need to go to the scene of the crime. You need to investigate and figure out the crime scene. Get to where the suspects are and ask them a few question. You need to act fast since this game has a timer and you won't be able to solve it if you are not fast enough to act. You would fail if you are slow. The game would have three crime scenes in each level, and you need to get all your suspects on time.