Cemetery Road

There is a new craze in speed racing since everyone, who participated in this games are daredevil, the sponsor thought why not take it to the next level. As such the sport is held at a local cemetery, where there are ghost and goblins hanging around. However, this won't be for everybody since it is too scary. Someone might get a heart attack from all those ghouls. The rule is the same as other race as you need to get there in time. The only question is that are you still alive if ever you get to the finish line because the road is filled with ghost and ghouls. They won't just let you be and they would definitely try to get to you.

In this game, you be driving your car in one of the scariest places that you could possibly think of. The cemetery is filled with spirits and you should not be playing there. Anyway, this game take things to the limit as not only you need to deal with fellow drivers. You also need to make sure that you won't hit those ghouls and goblins. Hitting them would damage the car and that might be your undoing because you would be having a heart attack if your car can't take it anymore.