A terrorist group was creating some scenes worldwide. Now every country is on high alert as the same group might enter their respective country. Our government put emphasize on the airline securities, but somehow, these terrorists were able to enter the country unnoticeable. More than ever, the country is now under threat, but the police can't do their job if the terrorists won't be doing anything first. They must be caught in the act. Before long, there were reports of car being car-napped. Soon, the authorities learned that it was the terrorist group. They suspect that it was going to be use as a bomb rather than sell it. The chief police assigned someone to handle the situation and the guy immediately respond to the threat by driving a truck. He knows that he needs to destroy the cars before it enters the city.

The idea here is to drive the truck as fast as you can till you can see the target. Bump another vehicle and let it hit the target. Don't try to hit the target directly as it will explode. Go after another once your target exploded. In this kind of game, you can't go soft, so ram the other vehicles to the target.