China Tractor Racing

Most of the racing events that you would participate in would have three winners, but if the race doesn't have much sponsor then the winner is only the first one to cross the line. Such race would be natural in a countryside racing event, wherein most racers would be farmers. Only the winner would get the prize money and the rest are losers. Anyway, such race is not made for real competition and you would see tractors being used as a vehicle since that is the only thing that they can use in such event. No, they don't have the money to buy other vehicles that they can not use on their fields, as that would be such a waste of money.

The idea in this game is to come up first to be able to win each level. When you won the game, then you can head on to the next level. As you are able to win lots of race, you would eventually unlock more tractors. The game would be harder as you move from one level to another. Luckily, you won't encounter anything that would cause your tractor to burst in flame. You just need to get to the finish line first to win each level.