Clean Green City

You just got hired as a garbage truck disposal and you really need the job badly. You know that you can’t get another job. It might take several months before you got hired so you better take care of your job. The people in the town is too many that they need a garbage man collecting their trash almost every day to keep it clean. The mayor is paying you to collect some garbage and the mayor would want to rely on you to make sure that his constituents would always be happy. If they are happy then they would remember their mayor when it’s voting time.

I your job is satisfactory then you might get a raise after a year. It would not only secure your job, but you are also going to get a raise. Let’s not forget that you are paid per trash that you have collected. This makes you more money with every trash you have collected. If you have more money, then you can buy almost anything that you want. Well, at least, you can afford everything that you would need in your life and you won’t go hungry. It is a hard job, but it really pays well if you are an industrious man.

In this game, you are a garbage man and it is your job to collect all the garbage that the people in the city accumulated overtime. Don’t forget to check your fuel from time to time since you can’t continue with the game if you don’t have fuel. You’ll make money with every garbage you deliver to the waste disposal and you can use that to not only upgrade your truck, but also to buy more fuel. The game becomes more challenging as you make some progress, but don’t let that scare you.