Clown Truck

A clown makes people happy. Most of the time, he got a bag of tricks up on his sleeves, but in case that fails, he use himself as the laughing stuff. He don't care whether he gets hurt or not as what is important for him is to get his audience happy. He would do almost everything just to make us laugh, does he need to drive? In most cases, he also drives his mini van and bring with him the effects on the party. However, you won't see him driving a truck full of fruits since that has nothing to do with making people happy.

Fortunately, that is what you can expect in this game as anything is possible in a game. The game is set in a Mario world and your goal is to deliver the fruits to the party. Drive as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Drive with safety in mind, so that you can finish the level and bring home some fruits. But, if finishing the game is just your intention then just drive and make sure that the truck won't crash. Grab some coins along the way till you reach the finish line.