Clutch and Burn

Winning is everything in a street race since there would be no second winner as that would be just a loser. It is like that, when you are competing with just one racer and you lost. That would be a bummer and you would not want to be on the losing end. Racing is not all about speed if you can't even control your own car. You need the skills to make it work for you; otherwise, you would regret it. Well, at least, that is what happening with most race and you won't want to lose, especially, if you bet your money on it.

In this game, its all about winning, but that doesn't mean that you need to cheat. There is no way that you can cheat in this game. Drive your car as fast as you can till you reach the finish line for the third time, but that won't be that easy, especially since you would be competing against another racer. Well, racing is that tough and you can't expect to win all the time, but you would earn money when you race even if you lose. Drifting would earn you additional money. You can use the money you earned to buy upgrades for your car.