Coal Express 4

Coal are one of the most valuable resources that we have. We need it to power up our power plant , thus we can use the electricity in any way we want to. We can harvest coal from the depths of the Earth. In the past, we use train to transport large quantities of coal to its destination, but that is not the case anymore. We know now that trains can be used in a lot of different ways. Aside from transporting fossil fuel, it can also be used as a sort of transportation for people and a whole lot of stuff.

This game proves the evolution of train from just a simple coal transportation vehicle to what it is recognize today. The idea of the game is to transport the required number of cargoes to its destination. You can't proceed to the next level if you can't meet the requirement. The game has no time limit, but you will surely benefit if you are after the scores in this game. You earn money after every successful transport of the cargoes. You can use the money to buy upgrades or buy a new train that you can use in the game. Each level has different items to be transported. After every three levels, you can go to a new area.