Coastal Town Truck

Drift racing is a popular sport, but is also among the most dangerous kind of sports. A driver needs to be fit as he need to withstand the wear and tear that he will undergo while driving his car.

If you think that is hard enough then what more if you are driving a truck on a race track. The wear and tear that you will undergo is not only twice, but thrice that. Also, the race itself would not only endanger you, but the people around the racetrack. Those speeding truck are dangerous since the body is too big to be maneuvered easily. It is safer to watch such race from a distance, Maybe use some kind of telescope to watch the race itself.

There are three objectives that you need to fulfill in each level. All of them require you to be able to handle your truck well. You need to be able to maneuver the truck throughout the racetrack. Like any normal race, you need to cross the finish line three times for the race to end. The game will even be tougher as you make some progress in the game.

It's time to ride and roll-out!!!