Coastal Town Trucks

Being a city boy makes you a hardcore as you have adapted to the kind of life. Sure, it is hard, but if you are going to play it right then you would be surely be successful with your endeavors. After graduating from college, you thought that life would be easy and you would get a job afterwards, but a job is hard to come by since there are many newly graduates every year that are looking for the same job. If you’re too picky with the kind of job then chances are, you won’t find anything at all.

It took you three months before you can find a job and your money is really nearing its limit. In short, you don’t know where to find a food anymore as you would be kick out of your apartment. Fortunately, a friend got you a job as a truck driver and you really like the job. In time, you become really good at driving trucks. When a truck race was held, you try out and got a part in the race. They have the truck as you would just need to drive it so that your boss would win some bet. You would get the prize money.

In this game, the idea is to drive a truck in a race. The rules are simple, you need to beat the rest of the trucks in crossing the race. There are other rules that you can do, but the first one is the general idea. Perform some drift along the way as you would have additional points from doing that. If you crash to one of those barricades then you would lose some points. The race is grueling and tough, you need to get on top of your game or you won’t’ be able to compete with the rest.