Construction City Cargo

For a construction firm, it is important that they use the best materials with the least price, so they can earn more and build trust among their clients. This is how you grow your company as a new company. This would be hard work and would take you some time to do it, but once you done it then you are going to be rich. There would be more clients for you as they would recommend your company to their friends and family. As your company gain good reputation, you would see the money rolling in.

This game entails you to deliver enough cargo for you to advance to the next level. The road ahead won't be an easy ride as it would guarantee that you would lose some of the cargoes. But, that is the challenge that you need to overcome. It is not important if you lose some cargoes, but you need to focus on delivering the required number of cargoes. You would be driving a truck attached to two trailers. Try not to get too close to the trailer as that would damage the truck. This game has a time limit, so you need to make sure that you reach the destination point before time expires.