Crazy Jeep Parking

Everyone knows the importance of properly parking your vehicle. Regardless of how large or small your vehicle, you need to know how to properly park it. Besides, you won't want to be sent to jail or pay for something just because you are careless. That is the reason, most people are enrolling in a driving school, so that they can handle their vehicle very well. You just got your very own jeep and you don't want even a single dent on it, so you are driving very careful. Also, sine oyu are a quiet man, it won't help if you have an accident and gets a criminal record because of it. You don't want to pay for something just because you are careless. That would surely be felt on your pocket since you would need all the money that you can get to feed your family.

In this game, you need to drive your jeep very careful since a bump would make you lose one of your lives. The idea is to get to the parking slot and park your jeep there, which is supposedly easy, but since your jeep can't take a single bump, this would be harder than anything else.