Crazy Mustang 2

When it comes to monster truck, you can't apply the same thing with a regular vehicle since aside from its wide and huge body, everything seems to be made like a monster. That is why; it is called monster truck in the first place. The engine is so powerful that it could rival that of a sports car, but you can't use it in a race since that would be disastrous. The wheels are really big and it helps in climbing mountains after mountain. Everything else seems to fit a mountainside road since there are few people living. The only time that you would see a monster truck is when it is use for stunts. Otherwise, don't expect you would see it on the road.

In this game, you would drive a monster truck and do some stunts. Just don't expect that your truck won't explode. Even if it is a monster truck, it won't survive in derby kind of environment unless you are going to do all the necessary precaution from letting it crash. Crash everything that could be destroyed on this game as that would add to your points. The game gets exciting as you move further.