Crazy Mustang

A monster truck are made for the roughest road in the world. Most of the time, they are find in deep mountains. There, their monster tires will not bother anyone, instead, it would be an asset since the big tires will help the truck to go through mountain after mountain. Sure, it will still crash, but only if you are clumsy. as long as you are driving it right then you can rest assure that you won't have an accident. Its powerful engine and big tires are surely an asset when it comes to climbing those stiff mountains.

A mustang is one of the best vehicle that you can drive in the mountain since it have the engine that can get you anywhere there. It also has a plae for some fruits or whatever you want to be loaded at the back of your truck. What is even more great about this vehicle is that it is not as bi as most truck.

This game seems to combine a monster truck with a mustang as the mustang here have such huge wheels. The idea here is to drive your truck all the way to the finish line. The obstacles are the mountain itself and the vehicles parked there. It is a challenge that you need to overcome.