Crazy Truck Rush

A truck driver always deliver whatever the cargoes are and they would never dream of trying to get some of it. That is the true truck driver, but let’s face it, we aren’t perfect and some people does the most negative thing in the world and they haven’t paid for it. We can’t say if someone is truly honest since they might be hiding something on their mind. They might look friendly, but deep inside, they are a monster and would prey on you, the moment that you let your guard down. A pretty scary thought, but, is the truth in this world.

You have hired a pretty nice truck driver since he is nice and is focus on his job. Whatever the task, he does it and he always make sure that the cargoes gets to the destination on time. However, one bad side of him is that, he has a record on the mental institution. He once stayed there, because he was too unstable. He would hurt the other patients, but as time passes by, he got released because of good behavior. Now, that he is part of your company, he is able to control his time and be anything that he could be since no one is watching him. In other words, he does what he want.

In this game, you need to drive a truck driver and the idea here is to get to the finish line within the timeframe no matter what. It means that you need to do anything that is necessary like crushing the other vehicles. Doing that won’t destroy the truck since it is too massive, but it would slow you down and time is not on your side. There are some power-ups that could help you get there in time, but there are times that they are too far away from you. The other vehicles would certainly be also act as a hindrance for you.