Crazy Truck

Have you gone crazy before?

For sure, no one will answer that they went crazy before as that is something serious and they don't want to be branded as crazy because that will affect their life. People will look at you down like you are nothing and will start laughing at you. Well, this game is nothing like that since this is about monster truck. The goal here is to get to the finish line as fast as you can. A you move from one level to another, you would notice that the game is getting harder and harder.

You might say that this game looks easy and treat it as such. But, that is where you are wrong. Even if, the game looks so simple with the goal and the drawings that you see here. The game is not easy at all. Once, you fall on your back then the game is over. The obstacles on the road can't be found in the real world. The timer doesn't reset, even if, you go from one level to another. In fact, even if you crash and ended the game, one you played the game, you will find the timer displaying the same numbers from the game before.