Crazy Trucks Race

Crazy Monster Truck is one of our selected monster truck games.

Spread monster trucks in the desert! Pick your monster truck and take part in an incredible career. Think you can drive a real Monster Truck? You'll see what feelings so intense when you see that there is no obstacle to its huge wheels. Everything is done mush when you so choose.

Funny monster truck game, where you need to destroy all the cars you can and get on the first places to advance level. Can you handle this challenge?

  It sque destroy everything in your path and come in first place at the end of the circuit. Use arrow keys to move.

This intense racing game puts you in the direction of a powerful vehicle. After selecting your tour, go to each track at full speed. You can wipe out the obstacles in each track to go whizzing past your opponents!

Head toward the finish line in this crazy game monster truck, bursts and goes above what stands in your way. Finish the race in 1st place and unlock new levels.