Cross Town Craze

If you want to join racing event then you need to have a vehicle that is built just for it. These machines are so fast that only a few individuals could handle it. Actually, even those who are professionals sometimes do get an accident driving these vehicles. That is how dangerous it could be in the world of racing. You can’t use a truck even if a truck is fast in the race track since that would cause too much damage. The sheer size of a truck is much too dangerous for the public and no organizer would be crazy enough to put his name on it. For sure, he would get himself arrested and his riches might not be able enough to bail him out.

Even a monster truck that is made for tough times can’t be use on such a race. Anyone who wants to drive in a racing event should undergo lots of training to prepare for such event. When you are using a monster truck at high speed even the best driver in the world might not be able to handle it and this would be the cause of destruction. For sure you are going to prison even if the race hasn’t start.

In this game, you would be using a monster truck in a race. The idea here is to win the race if you want to go to the next level. There are only a few levels in this game and you need to win every one of them to dominate the game. You need to drive as fast as you can to win it, but winning it won’t be easy since there is a rival that you need to beat. Also there are road blocks ahead of you and that would slow things down for you.