Crusaders Truck

Mankind has finally learned to settle with their differences after a long time. Now, peace has settled across the far reaches of the galaxy, but we all know that nothing is permanent in this world. Recently, some astronauts discovered some alien bases on the moon. The world government sent some ambassador several times, but none of them has come back. After a year, the world government had decided to destroy the enemy bases in the moon. They sent some of their best operatives to do that. This will be a tough battle, but this will mean a lot for the people of the world since these aliens are hostiles and would not cooperate with any other specie, except their own kind. They must be destroyed.

Drive your truck as fast as you can till you reach the finish line. Shoot the aliens before they can even shoot back at you. Grab some bombs while you are on your way because you will be using it when you reach their base. The game is just like a maze since there are many passage and you need to find, which is which to be able to go to the finish line.