Crushing Cars

A monster truck is made for rough times. That is why, it have big tires because, it is made to crush something underneath. Fortunately, there are no monster truck on the city or there would be a lot of accidents. You can only see a monster truck on the country side since they are very big and the mere sight of it brings discomfort to other drivers. Fear might cause someone to panic and panic could lead to accident. It is easy for a monster truck to crush anything on its path. Furthermore, it is hard to maneuver and with the city being crowded, it won't be long till there is an accident whenever there are monster truck around.

You are not required to drive your truck as fast as you can since the idea here is to make more score through crashing cars. But getting there as fast as you can help to get additional points. The best way of getting high points is through crushing lots of cars. You need to crush it totally, so you would get the maximum points that you could get from crushing them. Each level will be totally different from the previous level and you can expect that it will be harder.