Dare Devil Game

A dare devil is a guy that seems isn't afraid to die. He would dare the impossible and prove that everyone is wrong. That is why; he gains admiration and become popular. Of course, there would be money involve in his stunt and that is a fact. Aside from the money, he truly likes what he does. Not only, he gets some money from the stunt he does, but also the satisfaction that he is able to fulfill his dream. It might be a dream life for him, but not everyone would dare to do it, even if it means a huge sum of money.

The idea here is to drive the motorbike and propel it to the air. You would need some momentum to do that, so drive as fast as you can and the momentum will help you achieve a maximum height with the help of a ramp. While you are up on air, you need to do a stunt and successfully land on the ground. The stunt would not be complete if you crash. Don't forget that you need to halt at the right time, so you won't hit the brick wall. You can perform stunts as long as you have life left.