Daredevil 2

Living in this world is hard as you need to do something that you have never done before to recreate yourself. This is also applicable in doing stunts as you would need to recreate your stunts, so your audience would not get tired of what you does. Everything must be new as they would surely get tired easily if they don't see something new to what you are doing. Well, that is what this daredevil is doing right now as he wants to show off and gain more followers. If he got more followers then he would surely earn more. That is as easy as that, but not as easy as it sounds. The idea here is to perform some stunts while you are on your bike. You might think that this is easy since you have done some stunts on other biking games, but this game would be hard for you. The obstacles aren't like any other obstacles that you have jump over like in any other games. You decide when to start the game, but that doesn't help to make it easier as you need to figure out how you could do some stunts while you are up in the air.