Dead Driveway

The dead has awaken from their grave feasting on the living. Their number grew with each kill they make. Soon, the whole city was populated by the undead. You live in apartment and it seems safe there, but one day you receive an anonymous letter telling you to get out of the city and get on a truck ride to get away from the zombies. You know that the letter is right and you immediately got on your car. Soon, you are trying to get out of the city as fast as you can, but there are many zombies along the way. The whole idea here is to get away from the city, but that would be impossible when you just started playing the game. You need to upgrade your car to do that and that would take a lot of time. For now, you should get as far away from the starting position to earn more. You can use the money to buy some upgrade for your car, so that it would perform well. You can also get money from running over some zombies. The game becomes harder and more challenging as you make some progress. Try to get away from the city!!!