Defeat the Mountain

A mountain is the highest ground that you can see on the land. Most vehicles can't be use there since the altitude makes it harder for the engines. In fact, most vehicles would end up being broke if you force in such extreme condition. That is why; cars or other smaller vehicles aren't recommended in the mountains. A monster truck is the best choice in the mountain since it have powerful engines and its large wheels are just created for such condition. However, that doesn't mean that monster trucks can be use in such extreme condition without safety precautions. You will still need to practice safety precautions since the danger of crashing is still there. It is just, it is limited compared to other vehicles that are being used in such condition.

This game requires you to conquer the mountain. Drive your truck as fast as you can til you reach the top of the mountain. The game doesn't have any time limits, but you can certainly benefit form the game as you can get more points. Each seconds that are wasted, the less points that you will get as the points keeps dwindling every second. The game gets harder as you progress from one level to another.