Defend your Nuts

A squirrel is one of the most industrious beings in this planet. They quietly store nuts in their house to prepare for the winter. However, it seems that something want the nuts and they want to stole it from the poor squirrel The squirrel work hard for those nuts and they won't give up without fighting for it. it doesn't matter what or who it is as they won't give a single nuts since they need it for the coming winter. The monsters are sent by a demon, who want the nuts for himself. He told the monsters that they can't comeback unless they got the entire nuts.

The idea of the game is to defend the nuts. You can do that by shooting at the monsters and animal coming to grab your nuts. You would start with a bow and arrow to defend your nuts, but as you move further, you would be unlocking powerful weapons. Hitting the monster at the head would yield different rewards. Most of the rewards are money. You can use the money to buy some upgrade your weapon or buy extra defense like wall and some land mines. The game gets harder and harder as you make some progress, so it is a great idea to upgrade.