Delivery Truck

When someone hired you as a truck driver, it didn’t matter what’ve you looks like or you’re past. For them, all they cared about is your performance since your looks and your background are not important since you are always on the road. As a truck driver, all you need to care about is making the delivery and nothing else. Of course, you might be concerned with what you are delivering for the company. Fortunately, that is not a problem for the company since you can see it. Not unless, you are going to deliver something illegal then you can’t look at the merchandize in your truck.

Anyway, you just got hired as a truck driver and you need to prove yourself to your boss. Your boss would surely appreciate it if you are going to do your job without any problem. The problem that you would have in this kind of job is not being able to deliver the product on time or the product would have some breakage because of the way you drive. Either way, that would create negative impression on you. You might not get yourself fired right now, but someday, when the company needs to fire some employees, your name would be on the top of the list.

In this game, you need to deliver the rock to the manufacturing company for them to turn it into housing material. Your truck would be able to carry lots of rocks, but the problem is getting it to the production area. Since your truck needs to get all the way to the production area. You would have a hard time getting the rocks to the area. You can bet on it that you would lose some as you make your way to the production area.