Desktop Racing

As a student, you learn that hard work pays off and as you get older, you forget about playing games. But, when you get a job then you would know how boring your job is and you would wish that you could be a kid once more. This happens a lot to anyone, who already got what they want in life. When that happens, usually, you would feel tired of what you are doing. To get back your enthusiasm towards your work, you need to play even in the office. Just don't let your boss catch you or you would be fired.

The setting is in the office and you would need to drive the toy car in the office. As you move further in the game, you would need to drive the car all over the office. The obstacles that you could run into can be seen in an office. Your goal is to reach the finish line as fast as you can. Since this game has a timer, it would be wise to get there as soon as you can. Grab as many stars as you can for more points. You can replenish your life with the heat ion that you can grab on the road.