Diamond Transporter

Diamonds is the most precious stones all over the world. They are indestructible and sells high in the market. They are often times seen on jewels and command a very high price. Diamonds are formed in the deepest part of Earth and is formed when the temperature reaches a certain amount of heat. Usually, no living creatures can stand the heat and that is why it is rarely found. The diamonds that are found are the result of a volcanic eruption. If you have one, it is advisable to take care of it. A company that sells diamond hires you to transport the recovered diamond and won't want to know that you loss some of them.

Go to the platform and wait till all the cargoes are loaded in the trailer of the truck. Drive as fast as you can as the owner want to see it immediately. Make sure that none of those rocks fell off the back, but in any case continue with the trip as you will need to arrive at the destination before the time expires. The road ahead won't be easy as you need to drive-through the mountain regions to get to your destination.