Dirt Bike Apocalypse

The world has change over the pass fifty years. Now, the world is as polluted as it can be and this has given way for most living things to mutate. Fortunately, there are a few that didn't mutate. You might think that this is a good sign, but it is not that great since they have become the foods for the mutate. The few people left are tough as they would fight for their lives and would not let anything eat them. They have a lot of dreams and that is what keeps them going in a world filled with mutants. And this world has a unique way of having fun. They would use their bikes to race and shoot the mutants. That is how they entertain themselves. They know the danger, but they are not afraid of what might happen to them to have some fun. In this game, you need to drive your bike all the way to the finish line. But, that won't be as easy as you think it is since there are lots of mutants in the area. The mutants aren't only ones that you need to be aware of since the whole course is a real challenge.